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Watch the Green Club webinar and get to know more about retinal detachment

Manon maj 5, 2017

Specsavers_Rakesh Kapoor_May16-LR-squareGreen Club members had another great opportunity to refresh their knowledge during the second exclusive webinar, this time hosted by optometrist Rakesh Kapoor. Rakesh lectured on the subject retinal detachment and associated symptoms. As eye care professionals, we are often confronted with the symptoms of “flashes and floaters”. In most cases, these are not serious, but if misdiagnosed or not managed correctly, these can be the first sign of more devastating visual consequences. Rakesh talked us through what we can do to make sure we come to the right conclusion.

The webinar was attended by many and attendees rated it with an average of 8.3!

Some feedback from the attendees that completed the survey afterwards
Riita: “Great presenter with thorough knowledge”
Hedma: “Useful and informative”
Karin: “Good presentation of a topic you need to think about every day!”
Jonas: “Focus on our optometry clinics with good advice regarding patient’s questions.”
Ninni: “It was interesting and Dr Kapoor was good.”

Have the feeling you have missed an interesting webinar? You can still watch it back, when you become a member of the Green Club here. As a member, you can also participate in future webinars and have lots of other benefits. We hope to welcome you as a member!

If you are already a member of the Green Club, log in here and click on the link to watch the webinar (please sign up on the webinar website first).

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