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March article ‘Red eye part 2: Urgent referrals’

Pauline marts 7, 2017

Red eye is the cardinal sign of ocular inflammation, many patients presenting to their eye care practitioner in the first instance. There are myriad causes of red eye ranging from the self limiting and innocuous to those which can threaten sight and even life. Eye care practitioners must be able to differentially diagnose the benign from the serious and manage appropriately.

The article ‘Red eye part 2: Urgent referrals’, by Chris Steele, BSc(Hons) FCOptom DCLP DipOC DipTp(IP) FBCLA will remind the eye care practitioner of urgent causes of red eye which can present to community optometric practice ensuring that, when patients present with red eye disease, the urgent cases can be identified and managed appropriately.

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